Addons for Rogue Rotations 4.3

Hey Darrick here,

I thought before we go over each Rogue Rotation in detail. I would share some of my favorite addons I always use that help with Rogue Rotations.


SpellFlash: Rogue


This is a really great addon for every Rogue starting out. It will give you give you advice on what spell you should do next by flashing it in your action bar. The only problem with it, is it’s usually not up to date, and like I said in the previous post your Rotation changes all the time based on the patch that comes out, but if your newer to playing a Rogue it can be a very easy alternative to spending time figuring out what Rotation you need for your Rogue.




This is pretty universally used by all classes. I use it a ton when finding the right Subtlety Rogue Rotation whenever I play my Bear. The reason why it helps so much with your Rotation for your Rogue is because you can keep track of what your doing the most DPS with, and it’s probably the easiest addon to set-up, so theirs no reason why every Rogue shouldn’t have it.




Once you do find the Best Rogue Rotation this will really help keeping track your doing it in order. It will keep track of your cooldowns as well as tons of other spells and abilities. Which are to many to name.


Those are a few of the addons I use when deciding what the right Rogue Rotation is. Please let me know what you think of them.

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