Rogue Rotation – The Introduction

Hey everyone,

Welcome to Rogue Rotation! I love talking about World of Warcraft, and I’m excited to share with everyone my experiences when making Rotations for Rogues.

I think the best way to start is by going over the best ways to figure out how to use the right Rotation for a Rogue. Followed by detailed rotations for each spec every time a new patch comes out.

Usually every time WoW comes out with a new patch your general Rotation won’t change much, but Blizzard has a tendency of coming out with some pretty big patches (like the most recent one 4.3), and if that happens you may have to change things up a lot depending on what Rogue changes they make. so I will try and keep everyone updated on the latest changes.

That being said, I hope everyone enjoys Rogue Rotation, and I also love feedback so if you see any mistakes or have any comments don’t hesitate to let me know.

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